As part of an initiative to counteract increasing energy bills and reduce carbon emissions, NTL invested in a renewable energy solution at its corporate office in Karachi.

The Express delivery company engaged a leading supplier of photovoltaic (solar) systems to conduct a formal survey of its office buildings ‘energy requirements.

On conclusion of this survey, a customised solar solution was designed for NTL that has successfully fulfilled the company’s energy requirements, contributed energy to the public grid on holidays and reduced NTL’s overall carbon emissions.

Faraz Latif, CEO of NTL Express & Logistics Pakistan said:As a logistics company we are not only responsible for the transportation of consignments. We also feel responsible for the impact we make on our environment. We believe in the need for reduction in carbon emissions that are harmful to our environment. In Pakistan, we have taken the first step towards this fulfilling this responsibility by converting our corporate office into a green facility.”